Photo by Tom Calton


We’re Steve, Tim and Nic and we’ve been friends for what seems like forever. Since meeting and studying together at University we went on to form this little business, capturing thousands of smiling faces, hundreds of tears, I Dos and funky-chicken-dance moves in the process.

That lifelong bond was truly formed between us when we decided it would be a good idea to produce a short film shot in the barren Spanish desert for our University Final Major Production.


We survived (just about) and the film turned out alright too! It earned us a nomination at the Newport Beach Film Festival in California so we flew over and rubbed shoulders with some B list Hollywood stars, and Jean Claude Van Damme.

Alongside setting up Blue Ridge Films, we decided to make some other films in our spare time (including a full feature) and they also got nominations and a few awards from a bunch of lovely festivals.

We decided Hollywood wasn’t for us and instead, turned our creative energy towards the world of Weddings. The rest as they say, is history! We’ve since partied with over 300 couples, their families and their best friends. We also picked up another couple of awards along the way!


Our filming style is unobtrusive, laid back, fun and documentary in its nature, with an aim to capture those little moments of your Wedding filled with personality and heart. We want to do our utmost best to capture your day in a way which reflects you and your favourite chosen people, warts and all.

If that sounds like something you’d quite like,  check out some of our work below then drop us a message and say hi!