Photo by Tom Calton


We’re Steve, Tim and Nic and we’ve been friends for what seems like forever. Since meeting and studying together at University we went on to form this little business, capturing thousands of smiling faces, hundreds of tears, I Dos and funky-chicken-dance moves in the process.

That lifelong bond was truly formed between us when we decided it would be a good idea to produce a short film shot in the barren Spanish desert for our University Final Major Production.


We survived (just about) and the film turned out alright too! It earned us a nomination at the Newport Beach Film Festival in California so we flew over and rubbed shoulders with some B list Hollywood stars, and Jean Claude Van Damme.

Alongside setting up Blue Ridge Films, we decided to make some other films in our spare time (including a full feature) and they also got nominations and a few awards from a bunch of lovely festivals.

We decided Hollywood wasn’t for us and instead, turned our creative energy towards the world of Weddings. The rest as they say, is history! We’ve since partied with over 300 couples, their families and their best friends. We also picked up another couple of awards along the way!


Our filming style is unobtrusive, laid back, fun and documentary in its nature, with an aim to capture those little moments of your Wedding filled with personality and heart. We want to do our utmost best to capture your day in a way which reflects you and your favourite chosen people, warts and all.

If that sounds like something you’d quite like then drop us a message and say hi!

In the meantime, find out a little more about each of us below..


Hi! I’m Steve and I run Blue Ridge full time. Husband to gorgeous wife Emma and father to way-too-bossy-for-her-age Hollie and new addition Charlie. Aside from family, my personal life revolves around three very important things:

Pop-Punk and live music

Like the big kid that I am, I haven’t quite managed to grow out of the catchy hooks and angsty lyrics of pop-punk. I adore live music and try to see as many of my favourite bands when I can, such as The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, Tiny Moving Parts, Jimmy Eat World, Enter Shikari and The Menzingers to name but a few.


I spend an unhealthy amount of time reading and listening to the latest tech news, mostly via Reddit and super nerdy podcasts. If you want to know about the detailed history of Apple, I’m your man!

 Gaming and TV

Since Hollie came along the gaming has taken a bit of a hit, but I do love video games. The Xbox is my console of choice and Marvel Snap is my ongoing obsession.

I also love nothing better than binge watching a TV show with Emma or just re-watching old comedy favourites for the millionth time such as The Office (US), Entourage, Parks and Recreation, Derry Girls and Friends. On the drama side, I adore shows like Succession, Ted Lasso, The Leftovers, The Crown, Happy Valley and Winning Time.

Catch me on Instagram @scrmedia


Hi! I’m Tim, the big friendly ginger dude in Blue Ridge, who you have probably met or recognise from somewhere!

A few areas that are important to me are:


I’m a big ginger dude for a reason!
I was a chef for the best part of a decade before I picked up a camera,  so food and cooking is a large part of my life. Whether it be going out with the wife or friends and family, I love experiencing new dishes, creating new dishes and generally stuffing my face with niceness.


I am a lover of all films (except horror films, as I am a giant child) but I am a sucker for a romcom. I think a film should be on in the background in any situation and there is a film that fits any need. If you don’t like Love Actually, Lethal Weapon or Notting Hill, I think you need to question your life choices.


I have a group of friends that speaks daily and goes out or away with each other whenever possible. Some trips locally to the cinema or to a restaurant (love Digbeth Dining Club) or some trips as far as Mexico. I’m never happier than when I’m surrounded by them watching a cheesy film!

Catch me on Instagram @timmarch39


Hello person reading this! If you’re lost, follow this link back to our films – they are way more interesting.

I’m Nic, (yo!)

I deal with Pre-Production and if I’m doing my job right you won’t see me a whole lot. I spend a lot time doing all the stuffs behind the scenes, as well as behind the camera.

More importantly, I …

Like wearing shorts and flip flops no matter the weather, summer is just a state of mind.

May be partially responsible for starting a year long nerf war feude in the office, costing us countless innocent work hours. The only thing holding us back from total office productivity annihilation is a thin and wavering cease fire.

Am more often than not relaxed whatever the situation.

Believe “you can’t take it with you”

Prefer the company of dogs to most people (with exceptions of course, I’m not a monster)

Run and exercise regularly, so I am ready for the zombie apocalypse

Am pretty much just the product of 90s and 00s sitcoms (but NOT Two Broke Girls!)

And ultimately awful when it comes to summing my self up. Not that I’m all that complicated, it’s just not something I have to do very often. At the very least all of the above is true.

Peace and Love