Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we have a Wedding film?

Why wouldn’t you? We might sound biased but it’s true. When looking back at your day in five, ten or fifteen years down the line you won’t regret it. Photographs can only do so much!

We don’t just film the happy couple either. Even though a wedding day is all about the Bride and Groom, they will take comfort in knowing that their guests are having a wonderful time. Reactions are hugely important, whether it be through conversations over a drink or most of all, audience reactions during the speeches. We see these to be as important as a shot of the person giving the speech itself, though obviously you can’t have one without the other!

Why should we have a professional film?

Everyone has THAT friend who says they can film your wedding for you, but we ask you these questions: would you let them sew your dress? Make your cake? Cook your wedding meal? If they own a needle, a rolling pin or a pot it doesn’t mean they can do any of these things, so just because they own a camera it doesn’t mean they can make a video.

Even though we are still a young company, we have over 20 years combined educational and industry experience in the filmmaking process. We don’t make one man, shaky camera videos, we make real films! Due to our creative background in narrative filmmaking, we don’t see a couples’ wedding day as just a video. We see it as a creative film, telling the story of their day and all the emotions that come along with it.

Will you get in the way?

We have been complimented by many brides and grooms for being inconspicuous. We try and stay out the way and out of your face. We use compact equipment and DSLR cameras (photography looking cameras) to make sure you and your guests are at ease, that’s how we get our relaxed, happy footage.

Will we use our drone?

Our drone pilot is fully licensed by the CAA and insured so you and your venue can feel at ease.

We endeavour to always try and fly on your wedding day but it cannot be guaranteed, which is why we do not charge extra for this. Our pilot will determine if it is safe to fly after assessing many variables such as, permission from your venue, the airspace, and the weather.

As we would rather go unnoticed on your day, we will not fly the drone around your guests, we either try to fly before your arrival, or once you have sat down to your wedding breakfast.

If you do not want Aerial footage, our pilot won’t be upset, just let us know in your consultation.

Do we have to feed you on the day?

Short answer, Yes! Long answer, we are with you for a large portion of the day, and we ask you to provide us with food for each of our videographers. Don’t worry, we don’t expect to sit down with you and your guests. If you ask the venue about staff meals for the videographers they will provide options, otherwise we will happily order something off the bar menu if that is more convenient.

Do you have a set structure for the day?

No! Each wedding is different, and each bride and groom is different. We base our package around key events from a Wedding and work towards capturing those. Apart from that, our videographers try their best to get everything they can from the day, using our creative backgrounds to ensure you get a product you are happy with. If there’s anything different about your day, please let us know before the wedding and we will do our best to capture it.

How long are you there for?

We don’t have set hours that we work to, we have certain parts of the day that we work around.  We plan our day around yours. When we have our wedding consultation with you we go through your schedule and make sure that we cover everything we need to.

How do we make our booking? When is the final balance required?

The earlier the better! We do not double book wedding days, If you pay for a Blue Ridge Wedding film that is exactly what you’re going to get, we don’t sub-let our work out to others either, so it’s first come, first serve.


All you need to do is pay a £200 deposit and fill out our booking form, then the day is yours. We understand you have lots to pay for which is why we don’t expect full payment upfront. We will expect the rest of the payment 30 days before your wedding day.

Are you insured?

YES! You can never be too safe which is why we are fully insured to cover your wedding.

We have public liability insurance and our drone operator is also fully insured, so you are in safe hands!

What is a Wedding Trailer?

A short highlight trailer of the day. It’s a condensed version of the best bits that our editors see. It’s usually around three to five minutes in length but it can be longer/shorter dependent on our editors’ creative decisions.

What will the sound quality be like?

Audio is a big one for us. We always strive to achieve the best possible quality audio through tie-clip mics and at any one time, have at least 4 or 5 hidden microphone sources running (usually more during the speeches) to ensure that we don’t miss anything and that the ‘I dos’ are as crisp and clean as humanely possible.

How is the film edited?

We are trained videographers with an extensive background in making films. We know it’s not just about what we get on the day, its what we do with the footage afterwards. We have a team of professional editors that work tirelessly to ensure that you are happy with your final film.

We create a film, not a video. We don’t just cut and paste footage together from the whole day and create the old school VHS 4 hour video, we create a film.

Because of the way we film it gives our editors a lot of creative freedom to cut in-between shots, making beautiful montages that are most commonly seen in television and on the big screen.

We base the film around the ceremony and speeches and this will be a large majority of the final edit. These are the only parts of the day that will be kept in real time, meaning it will be edited as close to what it was on the day, but still with our creative flair.

We give our editors creative freedom and from years of practice they edit the film together into a 40 – 90 minute video, dependent on the footage and length of the day.

We then send you a first cut and you get a chance to have some creative input and tweak anything that you want us to (which is within our power). Then when you are happy we send you your finished film.

What music do you use?

For the public trailer we will purchase the license to a track for the use of your wedding, the price of this is included in your package.

For the full wedding film we ask that you provide us with your 6 favourite tracks/songs for us to to use in your film. We cannot guarantee that all 6 will be used but it gives are editors options.

When do I get the film?

We aim to get the first edit to you within 8- 12 weeks. This is an estimation, in our busiest periods it can potentially take up to 16 weeks. Our editors try their hardest to get your wedding completed asap, but not compensating  the quality of the final product. We don’t rush the editing as we want to get the best out the footage, so we ask that our couples remain patient and we will keep you updated on the process.

How do I get my final film?

Your final film and trailer will be delivered via USB and private online digital delivery. We also offer the option of DVDs and Blu-Rays when booking with us.

Your trailer is a public video for you to share with the world, post it where ever you want to and everyone can share it and love it.

There are no hidden fees, once you have paid your final balance the film is yours, what you do with it is your choice. Anyone and everyone can watch it and download it in its full quality for free. We do this because we hate the idea of ripping off your friends and family to buy a copy, they can all have a copy of both for free.

What parts of the country do you cover?

EVERYWHERE! We travel the length and width of the country. We are based in Coventry so do charge a petrol surcharge for anywhere outside of a 75 mile radius of Coventry. This is all in our T&C’s and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call.

What’s a wedding consultation?

When we request your final balance 30 days before your wedding we will also request a time and date suitable for us to meet up with you and have a wedding consultation.

We like to meet up with you so you get to know who we are, and we get to know you. We discuss the day, the things that are specific and all the little touches that are important to you. These are the things that make your wedding video truly special to you. Its very informal, we like to meet for a coffee somewhere or at the venue if it’s local. Or if it truly is not feasible for us to come see you there is always Skype or Facetime.

Why do we do it so near the time? You will know more final details about the day and we will be able to plan our filming a lot better.

Can you do Photography?

We are filmmakers, not photographers; a lot of people see our kit and think we can do both, but we are simply too busy filming to take photos as well.

This is why we work with a small selection of brilliant photographers to offer up to £500 discount when booking us together. So if you haven’t yet booked a photographer, please do get in touch to find out more.