Photo courtesy of SilverStar Photographic

About Us

Blue Ridge are Nic, Tim and Steve. We have been friends for many years since meeting and studying together at University.
We are filmmakers. We love to create, film and edit fantastic and beautiful footage that tells a story. Its what we all trained to do.


Filming a Wedding takes us to a new venue in a new part of the country, filled with new and interesting people, challenges and a couple on the happiest day of their life – and we have the honour of being the people that capture it all for them. We produce something that will be watched in years and years to come, potentially by their children and their children’s children. And that is a truly special thing.
Telling stories is simply what we love to do and we get to do exactly that each weekend.


The end gratification is the feedback we get from our couples once they have watched their film. They are our biggest critics and there is no better feeling than knowing we have done their day justice.


For more information please read our FAQ. Or if you’d like to have a chat, please contact us today.